We perform a full array of other financial services for our clients.  These services include: 

  • Strategic Financial Planning – Assess the financial implications of strategic initiatives.
  • Organizational Financial Improvement Services – Assess and re-engineer improvements in revenue, expense, and physician relationships.
  • Hospital Financial Projection Models – We custom build detailed hospital financial projection models for all size healthcare systems, hospitals, and other healthcare entities.
  • Financial Modeling – We build financial models for all types of programs and ventures.
  • Capital Plan Model – We determine if you can afford your five-year capital plan.
  • New Service Financial Projection Analysis and Modeling – We assist our clients to determine the financial implications of any planned or proposed new service.
  • Budgeting Services – We assist hospitals in determining their expected reimbursement by payer and expenses for the ensuing budget period including under varying volume assumptions.
  • Program Contribution Analysis – Determine contribution margin of current and new programs so client can make informed decisions regarding their future prospects.
  • Impact of New and Existing Medicare Regulations – Determine financial impact of any new Medicare regulations.
  • Managed Care Contract Financial Analysis – Determine financial implications of contract terms.
  • Due Diligence Services – For possible purchase of a healthcare entity.
  • Benchmarking Services – We assist our clients benchmarking themselves with other facilities on timely issues with current data.
  • Cost Report Services – Review and interpret Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.
  • Interim Management – We support hospitals with experienced management personnel, as needed in temporary situations.
  • Other Financial Services – We can and have performed many other forms of financial analysis.

Other Services

"Providing financial consulting services to the healthcare industry"